Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update - the Plan in Action

Oh, hi.

Since my last post things are going well. I'm down about 4-5 pounds since a week ago. Surprising, since my goal is about 2 pounds a week.

Calorie intake has been higher than I wanted, about 600-1000 calories/day. I'm using Fitday again which is great, helps me track my intake, excercise and weight changes.

Changed gyms on Monday. My old gym (Planet Fitness) was such ASS. No classes, no parking, smelly, crowded, gross. New gym (24 Hour Fitness) is newer, has yoga classes, and is still close to my house.

Challenges: my boyfriend is giving me a little greif about how much I'm eating. I don't care. My body, my life.

Also, last night was a get together with friends, big dinner party with a whole buffet spread. I had to go; it was one of my best friends birthdays. I had fun, but I probably consumed at least 3,000 calories.

So now it's black coffee and two egg whites for breakfast, and off to the gym to repent...

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Anonymous said...

hey, i came across ur blog & I love it. My stomach is my biggest problem, even at my heaviest, i always had skinny arms & legs but i carry all the fat around my mid section. I want those side hipbones too, that protrude when u lie sideways. Anyway, I hate eggs, I try to eat a boiled egg in the morning, but it makes me gag, any ideas for a low calorie less icky breakfast? keep posting the model thinspos, u have the best taste!