Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I got a request for some Indie Punk Thinspo (which is great by the way since I run out of ideas, wanna keep things fresh and wanna give y'all whatchu want, so keep 'em comin'). But I don't really have much of that type since it's not my kinda thing.

I do love to stalk a certain lil site by the name of COBRASNAKE and here's a couple little ditties from there:

I don't know kids. I'm twenty-fucking-six. I'm getting a little old for all this hipster shit.

Lindsay Lohan Thinspo

Um, yeah, this girl's not giving up the good fight just yet. When I first saw her first super thin photos awhile back I thought it was just a publicity thing or whatever and that she would bounce back to a healthier weight here anytime.

Yeah, not so much aparently.

It's a kinda cute dress though. Not my style, mind you. Too hippie-ish. But to each their own. Oh - and whats the deal with her boobs? The HAVE TO be fake. There is no way they could still be that full and big after she drops that much weight. Implantastic.
Sorry, but I calls 'em likes I see's 'em.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Morning Thinspo

I'm a total night owl, but I have to say, I definately feel sexiest in the morning. That is the ONLY time I will ever weigh myself because I weigh the least and my stomach is all flat...
Oh yeah, and THIS isn't bad either:

The Test

You know you've gotten fat when you lay on your back and your stomack isn't concave anymore.

Damn. This was like, the ONE flattering position I had.