Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Test

You know you've gotten fat when you lay on your back and your stomack isn't concave anymore.

Damn. This was like, the ONE flattering position I had.


**just_me** said...

The one in the red is my fav

Anonymous said...

i can totally relate to that. this just made me remember, when I was at my GW and technically getting a lot of attention and 'power' if you will, I felt even more terrified then I did when I was fat. there's nothing that makes you feel less in control of yourself than when people like your outside, but nothing inside has changed. its like they own the shell, too. now i'm terrified that I'm always at the mercy of others or the disease

xthinforever said...

I feel ya!
I have the same thing happen to me.. and its just a bump under my belly button.. but damn, its frustrating. I like it when its flaaaat!

Anonymous said...

Lol but when you lay down your stomach falls in so it would be even more concave! Mine isn't concave when I'm standing, just almost flat with a tiny bit of hipbone and rib.. But when I lay down it's concave central.