Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I got a request for some Indie Punk Thinspo (which is great by the way since I run out of ideas, wanna keep things fresh and wanna give y'all whatchu want, so keep 'em comin'). But I don't really have much of that type since it's not my kinda thing.

I do love to stalk a certain lil site by the name of COBRASNAKE and here's a couple little ditties from there:

I don't know kids. I'm twenty-fucking-six. I'm getting a little old for all this hipster shit.


Kelli Wissinger said...

Awesome thinspo. You always find great stuff, thanks for posting

Stick Thin said...

i think you did a great job! Thanks love

Ashley said...

So lovely.

How about short-haired lady thinspo? I recently chopped my hair off & it's tough to find good thinspo with girls with short (I'm talking pixie) hair!

I hope you're doing well, dear.

r. said...

some of the best thinspo yet :)

Eleanor said...

26 is too old to be pretending to have problems. Eat some fucking food and get over yourself!!