Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The NEXT goal

So...what happens after you hit your goal?

Good question.

I puzzled over this for awhile. I don't want to go back where I was but I didn't have any real motivation to get better.

Until...the other morning when I woke up and started thinking about a mountain biking trip I've been invited to go on with some friends in about 10 months. It's a 100 mile loop, 3 days, camp-in and ride-out trip in the middle of NOWHERE on slick rock in Canyonlands, UT.

I went on this same trail about 3 years ago, and not gonna lie, it handed my ass to me. Physically, emotionally, you name it.


Obviously, maintain GW, if not hit lower GW. I don't want to get too much thinner because FUCK!!! None of my clothes fit me anymore!!! All my friends joke because they threaten to pants clothes are so huge! I went from a 12 to a 2. For real.

But the real goal is to be a really good mountain biker by May 2012. Be able to handle serious technical shit, be able to climb, have killer stamina, ride at the front of the pack with the big boys, if only for a little while.

And yes, I know this is a weird goal for a thinspo site. Don't get me wrong, bones will ALWAYS be, for me, the absolute epitome of perfect beauty. But I will never be that. And that's okay, I guess...

For me, now, STRONG is the new skinny. Maybe that's come with age, but I've actually never been smaller, never been thinner, and never felt better. So, yeah.

New goal. See you in 10 months...


Anonymous said...

I happened to come by your site whilst collecting thinspo (of both the usual and medical, i.e. pics of atherosclerosis and diabetic feet, etc) and I wanted to say that I admire your honesty and willpower. I'm the heaviest I've been in a while, but as someone who has struggled with an ED in the past, I've been afraid to start dieting again (which was how my eating issues started in the first place). Now, though, I recognize that I feel like crap and that in addition to the psychological implications, I'm on my way to some serious medical problems if I don't get my weight down again. I want the confident, active person from 20-30lbs ago back. It's hard making those first steps again, especially since I work very long hours now, but reading your story today has been inspiring. Thank you, and good luck with your further goals!

Anonymous said...

"Too thin is not thin enough" isn't that what they say?

I love your goal. Thinspo girls are the most beautiful creatures, probably because they thinness lets them display their essence, so to day, no redundancy.